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Which certifications do you need to supply goods and services?

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Governments have a well-defined process of acquiring goods and services which is mainly through contracts with suppliers. The process requires the companies supplying the Government entities to have some certification as a way of maintaining quality, prevent fraud and ensure the process is free and fair through tendering. Here are the different certifications required to work as a U.S government supplier.

a certificate of origin being read

Certificate of origin

As an International supplier of Information Communication Technology gadgets to the United States of America Department of Information Communication Technology Certificate of origin is one of the few certificates that will fall as a requirement.

The United States of America will require a Certificate of Origin to identify what country the goods originated from. Certificate of origin is needed to be signed by some semi-official organization such as Chambers of Commerce for it to be valid. The certificate may be required if the information of the country of origin is included in the commercial invoice.

warehouse manager with General Certificate of Conformity

General Certificate of Conformity

If a product is manufactured overseas, the importer must issue the General Certificate of Conformity. Once an importer has been issued with the certificate they do not need to be located physically. The product that is being imported or supplied to the Government must meet the consumer safety rules and any other standards that are always legal for issuing a GCC. The consumer safety standards must be met even if it means using a laboratory or another third party to draft the GCC. Certificate of conformance may be permitted at the discretion of the contract office

looking over certificate of free sale

Certificate of Free Sale

Certificate of Free Sale is another requirement that international supplier partners must have to supply Government entities in the United States. A Certificate of Free Sale is also referred to as a Certificate to Foreign Governments and acts as evidence that those goods such as food items, cosmetics, or electronic devices are legally distributed and approved by the Regulatory Authorities of the Country of origin.

The certificate of Free Sale is usually needed when registering a new product in a country hence serves as a way of informing that country that what you are importing is a new product.

man looking over commercial invoice

Commercial Invoice

Finally, Commercial Invoice is a requirement for the supply of Government Agencies by its International partners. A commercial invoice is one of the most important documents of the paperwork that accompany the goods. The document is prepared after the proforma invoice is sent to the international prospect which now is the U.S and goods have been prepared for shipping. The document contains all details of the entire transaction from start to finish.

The tendering and contract between government entities and international supply partners is sensitive. The goods or services being supplied will find their way to the public hence a lot of caution should be taken from safety measures to integrity. Therefore, the Government of the United States of America has set the above conditions.

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