touchless mask station

Protect Your Employees, Guests & Customers with a PPE Vending Machine

Dispense, Sanitized and Individually Wrapped 3-Ply Masks - Anywhere

The coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, as it has spanned 210 countries and regions. Safety measures are being taken place all over the world to detect, isolate, treat, and prevent the spread.

Employers have been advised to prepare their workplace for COVID-19. Prevention is the key.

International Supply Partners (ISP) , established in 2016, is a Minority Woman-Owned Small Business (MWOSB), based in the Metro Atlanta region. Our team of specialists are leading experts in procuring medical and janitorial supplies and equipment worldwide. Our experts have over 50 years of combined experience in sales, negotiation, business development, and resourcing our clients with high-quality supplies.


We strive to consistently build strong relationships with our partners in order to provide quality products, quality services and competitive prices.

What Is The Investment?

  • - Sanitized and Individually Wrapped 3-Ply Masks

  • - Monthly Delivery of Mask Refills

  • - Option to Order More as Needed

  • - Premium Pricing of $0.30/Mask


  • 150 Count Coin Dispenser:..........$1,099
  • 200 Count Dispenser:..........$1,499
  • 300 Count Dispenser:..........$1,999
  • 400 Count Dispenser:..........$2,499
  • Credit Card Reader add:..........$450
  • Stand:..........$350Shipping
  • (Flat Rate):..........$200

You have the option to set the vending machine free vend or to accept card payments.

Only a standard 110v wall socket is needed. About the vending machine:

  • Easy to Install on the Wall or on a Stand

  • Has a Powder Coat Paint Finish

  • Comes Equipped with a Security Cam Lock

  • Optional Custom Branding or Graphics

  • Lease to Own and Financing Options

  • Multiple Unit Discounts

Pricing starts at $1099– a small investment for peace of mind

Why Does Your Business Need A PPE Vending Machine?

Never before have people around the globe been so conscious about hygiene.

  • Your employees might already be using hand sanitizers and washing hands frequently. So, why install a vending machine?
  • People want these PPE products while they are on the go and traveling between places.
  • Most companies are developing policies that will require PPE and sanitation standards of their employees and visitors.
  • We are witnessing a drastic change in culture and behavior. Sanitation and PPE are at the heart of this transformation.

All it takes is a small touch to spread the virus.

Isn’t it best to be prepared?

The Touchless Mask Station was designed to allow easy convenient access to essential PPE. Install it near an entrance, and employees, customers, and guests will remember to take the right measures before entering.

Offer your employees a way to keep clean and sanitize on the go. Sick leaves, paid or not, can have a major impact on the revenue and productivity of any company.

Our Vending Machine is elegant, clean, and simple. Whether you install it in restrooms, at the entrance, or in the lobby, it will fit right in at your workplace.

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