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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped life as we know it at a local, national, and global level. Protecting our health and safety is more important than ever, and as a result, wearing masks and face coverings has become a regular part of our daily routine. As we continue to navigate through this new way of living, one thing is certain: the team at International Supply Partners will be there to help keep you, your employees, and your patrons safer with innovative medical supplies and technology.

That being said, we are proud to unveil a touchless solution allowing for instant access to masks when and where you need them. ISP’s touchless face mask vending machines can be easily installed in any public space, providing everyone with quick, simple, easy access to masks to protect themselves and others. Let’s explore some of the benefits of touchless mask vending machines.

Image of nine disposable face masks in a tiled pattern

Multiple Mask Vending Machine Options

We have designed our mask vending machines to meet the needs of any business. The touchless mask vending station has a 200-400 mask capacity, and is available as a wall-mounted station or a free-standing station. Its compact size makes it ideal for virtually any size space, including single-person bathrooms, changing rooms, kitchens, and other small areas.

For high-use areas such as hospitals and shopping centers, the face mask station has a more traditional vending machine design, is larger in size, and offers a 300-mask capacity for all different kinds of masks. This model accepts various forms of payment.

The coin-operated face mask vending machine is ideal for areas such as restrooms, gas stations, bus stops, schools, restaurants, and more. This wall-mounted unit can hold 100-150 standard three-layer disposable face masks.

Five blue disposable face masks laying on a table

Numerous Payment Options for Universal Access

ISP touchless mask dispensers accept a wide range of payment options allowing for universal access. While the coin-operated vending machine only accepts coins, the other models accept all kinds of payments, including credit card, debit card, Apple tap-to-pay, and Android tap-to-pay.

A woman wearing a black disposable face mask and black nitrile gloves

Instant and Convenient Access to Face Masks

By installing mask vending machines on your premises, you are not only providing your employees, customers, and patrons with instant access to protective masks, but you’re also showing that you’re invested in their health, safety, and overall well-being. What’s more, you are providing convenient and affordable access to face protection should they forget to bring a mask with them, or lose their mask along the way.

A young boy wearing a face mask at school

A Touchless System Is a Safer System

When it comes down to it, touchless mask stations are simply safer because these machines eliminate the need to touch high-traffic public surfaces, which can reduce germ transmission. Not only that, a touchless dispensing system and a touch-free mask delivery solution provides those working at or visiting your business or property with greater peace of mind.

International Supply Partners is committed to improving the health and safety conditions of commercial, medical, industrial, and educational properties across the globe through our touchless face mask vending machines.

Explore our mask vending machines below to choose the perfect model for your space, and contact our friendly customer care team if you have any questions about your order.

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  • • North America’s first and only Touchless Mask Station
  • • Ultrasonic induction technology for free mask setting
  • • Credit, debit, Apple & Android tap to pay
  • • Patented dispensing system for touch free mask delivery
  • • Additional stand option allows Touchless Mask Station to be free standing


Net Dimension 40*D16*H40 cm
Net Weight 8kg
Rated Power 10W
Materials Cold rolled steel plate
Installation Wall mounted or Stand
Color Light Blue
Input AC 110-240V
Payment Credit Card or No Cost
Interenet Available
Capacity 200 or 400
COST $1499 USD or $2499 USD


Model Number PKS-A
Net Dimension W55*D20*H80 cm
Net Weight 25kg
Rated Power 36W
Materials Cold rolled steel
Installation Wall mounted
Input AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
Shelf Dimension W36.5*D14*H11 cm, 5 channels (can be customized)
Payment Mode Coin/Credit Card
Supported Coin All kinds
Supported Credit Card Reader Nayax
Power Plug All kinds
Mask Capacity 300
Supported Mask All kinds
Supported Mask Size All kinds
Outgoing Mode 1 payment 1 mask or 1 payment multiple
COST $1999 USD


Model Number PKS-B
Net Dimension W39*D14*H62 cm
Net Weight 10kg
Rated Power 36W
Materials Cold rolled steel
Installation Wall mounted
Input AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
Power Plug All kinds
Shelf Dimesion W20*D10*H27 cm
Payment Mode Coins
Coin Diameter 18mm-29mm
Coin Thickness 1.2mm-3.0mm
Mask Capacity 100-150
Supported Mask Normal 3-layer disposable face mask,in-
dividual package
Mask Package Size 19.5cm X9.5cm
Outgoing Mode 1 coin 1 mask / multiple coins 1 mask/1
coin mupltiple masks
Application Shopping malls, hotels, schools, banks,
offices, airports, bus stops, train stations and etc
COST $1099 USD


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